William Willson

Will worked as a Police officer in London for 5 years, mostly specialising in Gang related criminality. In 2013 he took a break from policing and embarked on some volunteering adventures, backpacking around the world. This included teaching English in Thailand and learning about Buddhism, volunteering all over India and Nepal before embarking on a 6 month overland journey from Kenya down to South Africa. He's an action sports enthusiast and loves working with young people, which has lead him to be a co-founder of FY.

Jofie Trythall

After completion of a BA in Art History at UCL, Jofie embarked upon an adventure in Asia and Africa, volunteering at schools, farms and ecological building projects. Since then she has been working on an Internationally renowned Art Fair.  She holds passions for skiing, surfing and yoga alongside her own artistic practice, which lead to becoming a co-founder of Flipping Youth.